About Us

Thanks for your interest in learning more about Keepin' It Kawaii Design.

The shop was started in 2017 by myself (Lisa Moore) as a store on Teacher's Pay Teachers. My sister is a teacher and she pointed out that she is always looking for cute illustrations to use in her classroom.

Up until 2017 I was a professional colorist working in the comic book industry on titles such as Garfield, Peanuts, Regular Show and more. While I'm still coloring comics I've always wanted to branch out and do something even more creative, so Keepin' It Kawaii was born.

I have a love for anything and everything cute, so I worked on the art style for my clip art for several weeks finally landing on the cuties you see here in the shop. It's a fun style that I truly hope you enjoy!

In 2019 we expanded our little studio to include 2 new artists so that we can create even more amazing creations for you all. We all draw in the style I established in the early days of the shop and we plan to continue doing that while mixing in a few new fun things along the way. I currently still handle all of the inking work so the style stays consistent through all of our sets.  

I do some of the coloring myself and have hired one other colorist to help out. She is so amazing at matching my style that I cannot even tell the difference between us now!

We currently offer our clip art for sale on various platforms so that you can purchase our work on your favorite shop site. 

We also now offer a membership plan here on our official site! This is our best value, but you can certainly pick up our collections at any of the following sites if you prefer.

Our Shops

Teacher's Pay Teachers
Creative Market
Design Bundles
Creative Fabrica
Hungry JPEG

Our Artists!

Lisa Moore

Marcos Rodrigues