Custom Clip Art

Need something made just for you?

Due to many, we have opened up Custom Clip Art for anyone looking for that completely personalized touch for your product. If you purchase a custom clip art set from us, you will retain 100% of the copyright to the images. That means you can even resell them as clip art if you'd like!

What's included?

12 Clip Art Images - Just like our usual sets. You can choose from a couple of different options we have to offer.

Standard Style - What you see in most of our collections. It would come with 12 images in our standard 3 finishes. Black and White, Flat Color, and Full Color.

PRICE: $300

Black and White Only

We also offer the same in just black and white. If you only want the black and white that cuts the price down by half as it eliminates a good portion of the work doing the coloring.

PRICE: $150


Just email me at 
[email protected] and we can work out the details and sort out how you'd like to pay for your set!

Once you've filled me in on the set you'd like or specific images you need then we will sketch up our ideas for you and send them over to you for approval. Once the sketches are finalized we will finish the clip art in the style you chose and send those off for approval. 

Once approved you will receive your brand new fully custom clip art set to use in any way you'd like!